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Who’s a Jew

Who’s a Jew consist of 512 wooden cubes each side showing a facial cut out and totals 3,072 unidentified individual faces. Our first response is that all these faces look very similar. I talk about stereotypes, prejudice and cultural autonomy.

At second glance the faces become head shots of actors.and we are reminded of Hollywood. Here I talk about living and working in Los Angeles where the fine arts have fought a continual battle for recognition. Art, like the Jews has experienced its’ own diaspora both literal a metaphoric. Moving from Europe to New York to Los Angeles. What have the effects been?

At third glance we are reminded of the legal question The Law of Return. You are a Jew if your mother was one. But what of the thousands of people who identify with Judaism who’s father is Jewish but mother is not. What of their fear and anguish?

With the rise of antisemitism Is the answer to who’s a jew, Those that they come for? And lastly I talk of the need to even ask the question Who is a Jew and the Law of Return are national issues Do these national concerns limit the universality of Judaism?

Who's a Jew1Diaspora

180 Black and white photos on canvas.

7ft x 8ft

Who's a Jew228’’ x 28’’ x 28’’ – Who’s a Jew

4000 Black and white photos on 4’’ x 4’’ wooden blocks

Who's a Jew3

Those that they come for